Cat with Nasty Neck Wound…is this abuse??

January 20, 2010 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Animal Abuse, Animal Rescue | 7 Comments

My area Town Council Property Manager alerted me of someone reporting a very injured cat on the 2nd floor of a HDB block.  Rushed down and saw an extremely emaciated cat…fully awake but weak and not moving at all.  Her neck and shoulders had a huge gaping hope and you can practically see the insides!  I can’t even started imagining the pain she was going through.  She was immediately rushed to the vet.

The strange thing is all the cats within a 5 block radius of where I live are sterilised.  I don’t recognize this cat at all and she’s not sterilised.  Her temperament is extremely mild, a friendly and trusting cat, suggesting that she’s either once a home cat or a cat that has alot of association with humans.  Could this be abuse?  Did she fall prey to an abuser because of her trusting personality?

The wound is now stitched up and very slowly healing.  She’s still on drip because she’s very skinny and weak.  Her gums are pale, so blood tests will be run.  The healing process should take a while, considering how emaciated she is.  She’s currently still hospitalized.

I would like to appeal for kind samaritans to contribute with funding the medical for this cat.  After she recovers, the balance funds will be used to cover her boarding costs at the farm.  I don’t think that she will be in any state to go back to the streets.  Why not let her live a good life, out of harm’s way, with furry friends at the farm? 

To contribute for her bills, please contact me at: 

P.S. I’m really grateful and impressed by the new Town Council Property Manager in my estate.



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  2. Dear sir,
    I lost my cats at bukit panjang since november 2009. Can you let me know where you found this black and white cats.. i lost my cats resemble the same and we stay at bt panjang ..

    1. female cat
    2. black and white…
    3. small built cat abt 8 mths old..

    • Rohani,

      I found the black and grey cat with the shoulder wound in the Eunos estate. I think it might belong to one of the people who live there. And when they see the cat is dying, they just dump it out.

      The black cat with the hole in the head was found at Changi Village. Someone could have dumped her there.

  3. One of our Cat Management Network members brought this to our attention. I’m circulating it to our supporters. The pictures are hideous. The poor cat must have suffered horribly. We will hope for the best for her recovery and that publicity brings funding help.

    • Judith, thanks for helping to spread the word. ~Lynn

  4. whoever did this is inhumane. hope the poor cat will pull through.

  5. OMG. Hope it recovers soon. 😦

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